BA thesis


The Graduation Thesis /// Based on observations of beauty within everyday life that can be easily overlooked, I made short stories or images to express precious moments of life through craft, design, and formative classes using various techniques.

Time For Watering The Flowers/ mold casting, colored porcelain 19x9x25cm Teapots are created in the shape of a tulip. A bud forms the lid and water comes down from the end of the leaf. Teapots were installed with a casted-ceramic watering can on the frame of the scenery outside. Teapots can be used not only in a functional way, but also serve as an object for interior decoration.















Lotus Leaves _Plates/ wheel throwing, porcelain, various colors of bronze glaze approximately 25cm Lotus leave plates were made from a variety of shapes and colors, which are matched with all kinds of foods while simultaneously acting as table decoration.















The World in My Heart / mold casting, colored porcelain 70x70cmThe motivation was between the times of dawn. Pale colored clay made the atmosphere dreamy with vivid colored butterflies. Lighting was used from the back of the work in order to allow for the flow of light from between the branches after installation.