someone I know

ceramics, drawing

This series is about the ambiguity between acquaintances and strangers. People have universal features and their own personal characteristic at the same time. Distinctive features make people unique, while simultaneously acting as a means by which people to classify one another. On the other hand, the general behavior and similar appearance of the characters will help viewers to feel a sense of belonging and understanding with the subway patrons. People depicted in the subway showing general behavior allows for the audience to reflect who they are within their own background.

▲coiling, mixed media 48 x 27 x 102cm  ▼hand building 89 x 45 x 2cm / 86 x 37 x 2cm / 80 x 31 x 2cm / 62 x 30 x 1.5cm

someone_01someone_03someone_04 someone_02someone_05




















Someone I know _Portrait / slab building, dark brown clay, 22x15cm each 56 ID photos that were acquired from acquaintances and strangers were displayed at the exhibition. Personal character traits are lacking in the representation of ID photos, making their faces general and impersonal to the audience. The audience tried to find people they knew in the series, or identify similarities to others that were in the room.