etched memory

ceramics, drawing, product design

Etched Memory _Vase / coiling, porcelain, 10x10x19cm  Street scenes are recorded like a diary, with the date and location inscribed on the bottom. Images are etched with a pointed awl and fired using a dark glaze. 2-dimensional scene has another space perception on the vase. The detailed descriptions collected through pictures and drawings, as well as the modified images from memory are drawn using different colored glazes in order to blur the scene.

etched_02 etched_03 etched_13





Etched Memory _Candle holder / slab building & hand painting, porcelain, 14x12x17cm  The street scenes were mostly captured during a nighttime walk. The dim light penetrates through the very thin clay, providing a subtle glow that is reminiscent of a city lights viewed at night.