experience design, food design

During my internship at Studio Marije Vogelzang, I was privileged to participate in her latest project, The EGGCHANGE in collaboration with poultry farmer Twan Engelen. The EGGCHANGE is a philosophical economic model based on eggs as currency. The project is part of Foodlab Peel and Agri meets design.

I designed the Eggchange logo and the stamp as well as the whole story illustration for the video. Through out the project, I learned the whole process of a big scale collaborative project among farmers, designers and associations. We visited the poultry farm to witness 3000 chicks arrived at the farm from the higher hierarchy factory. Also we hatched  industrial manufactured eggs from the farmer and grew them at the attic of the studio.

The EGGCHANGE was introduced at 2016 Dutch Design Week.

eggbooklet_01© Sana Parkeggbooklet_03© Sana Parkeggbooklet_02© Sana Park