Suhyun Park

‘Between’ has been a critical matter as well as a clue. There is an inevitable difficulty to distinguish the boundaries of ceramics as materials. This relates to the various roles ceramics have such as traditional craft, fine art, and mass and micro-produced products. Given these circumstances, I have been investigating and conducting diverse experiments in order to determine my position as a ceramic designer.

I highlight the notion that the function of the work directly communicates between a maker and an audience (or user). In addition, the role of designers extends to facilitate user experience events with an introduction of new products. This leads customers from defects in product usage instructions to clear guides of unfamiliar goods. As a result, the events not only narrow the gap between designers and users but also stimulate entirely new perspectives of everyday things.

To further develop my explorations, I invite people to explore tangible usages of the products and art works with food events and participatory exhibitions. My recent projects concern food related social issues and these relevant product developments. For example, the latest work is about the phenomenon of portion distortion, and ceramic tableware is created for control over portion sizes. I would like to create holistic design experiences based on current affairs in order to motivate people to think and act in better ways.