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Laavu storybook

This Laavu storybook is a part of an interactive food design installation, Laavu exhibiting during Milan design week 2017. While three different wild food products are served to the audience members, the storybook is introduced by a storyteller in order to share unique anecdotes which have […]

The Helsinki Book

An author and an enthusiastic chef Marc Aulén captures his enthusiastic and energetic resources about his hometown Helsinki in The Helsinki Book. AÄÅ involved in diverse scales from the very beginning of the concept throughout the division of chapters. The Helsinki Book introduces 12 categories of chef’s […]

Bap-Korean cookbook

Bap is the first Korean cookbook in Finnish, published by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Finland. The cookbook introduces 22 basic Korean recipes through stories of Korean culture and important events of life, such as birth, marriage and death. To describe Korean food culture […]

Bread & Salt

I was involved in the development stage for a conceptual dinner event at Rijks, Amsterdam during the internship at Studio Marije Vogelzang. A non-profit cultural organisation Fronterra organised it together with Marije Vogelzang as a food designer and Rijks restaurant as to make dining event more […]

Into the Forest

Into the Forest  pencil on paper / 460x42h cm To introduce a holistic experience Into the Forest, three dimensional imagery is created with different perspective in about 5m long round paper. It starts with long distance depiction and goes into close detail. After following geometrical […]

blue bird teapot

blue bird teapot / Hand building, mixed clay (porcelain, stoneware, pigment, grain of colored bisque-fired clay) 16x13cm  This teapot has an organic shape depicting a blue bird sitting on a branch. The handle curves from the front of the teapot to the middle in order […]

teapot for Osulluc

Wedding Blend Tea Teapot , Jeju Orchid Flower Teapot / mold casting & hand painting, 9x13x9.5cm   White Wedding Flowers Teapot mockup / hand building, porcelain, 10x14x10cm

etched memory

Etched Memory _Vase / coiling, porcelain, 10x10x19cm  Street scenes are recorded like a diary, with the date and location inscribed on the bottom. Images are etched with a pointed awl and fired using a dark glaze. 2-dimensional scene has another space perception on the vase. The […]

the girl

‘The Girl’ series is about the lives we endure and unexpected emotions that arise such as anxiety, fantasy, and excitement. These emotions become our memories, which will be changed into certain shape, more beautiful than our reality. Patterns change in the background of each pot, […]

someone I know

This series is about the ambiguity between acquaintances and strangers. People have universal features and their own personal characteristic at the same time. Distinctive features make people unique, while simultaneously acting as a means by which people to classify one another. On the other hand, the […]