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Laavu storybook

This Laavu storybook is a part of an interactive food design installation, Laavu exhibiting during Milan design week 2017. While three different wild food products are served to the audience members, the storybook is introduced by a storyteller in order to share unique anecdotes which have […]


LAAVU Laavu, meaning a shelter in the forest in Finnish is an interactive food design installation offering Finnish wild food products to the audience. This is based on Finnish law, Everyman’s right which is for anyone who stays in Finland is entitled to go into […]

Alone & Together

Supported by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Finland, AÄÅ organised food event as the Korean cookbook launching ceremony. Participants experienced Korean culture through making ‘Bibim-Bap’ together. BibimBap is one of the popular Korean foods, mixing cooked rice with different kinds of vegetables and chilli sauce all […]


‘Every man is an island and all the islands are actually connected beneath the water.’   Leipäsaari A.K.A Leipäsaäåri is a participatory design project where you get to visualize and bake your inner island. Enjoy hopping from your island to others, by tasting bread-island made […]


During my internship at Studio Marije Vogelzang, I was privileged to participate in her latest project, The EGGCHANGE in collaboration with poultry farmer Twan Engelen. The EGGCHANGE is a philosophical economic model based on eggs as currency. The project is part of Foodlab Peel and […]

Bread & Salt

I was involved in the development stage for a conceptual dinner event at Rijks, Amsterdam during the internship at Studio Marije Vogelzang. A non-profit cultural organisation Fronterra organised it together with Marije Vogelzang as a food designer and Rijks restaurant as to make dining event more […]

Faked Meat

I was doing my internship in Studio Marije Vogelzang from 16 Jan to 14 April 2016. Marije Vogelzang defines herself as an eating designer since food is already designed by nature and she is more focusing on designing experiences to questioning various eating, food culture […]

Before Hand

The New Food Culture workshop Organised by the Dutch eating designer Marije Vogelzang. 16-20 November 2015 Aalto University We imagined a future where smart-phones are an extension of our limbs. The phone hand is considered pure and not used for anything apart from tech. Instead of cheering […]


Together with June Seo, Sana Park, we started a collaborative design collective called AÄÅ.  We are three design students from different fields gathered with a common interest in food and nature. We came up with a name that is undefined without reference to any semantic […]

Restaurant Day_KOREA KATU

KOREA KATU_korea street on Restaurant Day 17 August 2014 Highlighted red color fabrics contrast with natural birch wood of vendor and tables to create vibrant atmosphere of Korean street food.

Restaurant Day_KIMPOP

Restaurant Day  KIMPOP
_17 May 2014 International food event Restaurant Day_Ravintolapäivä in Finnish happens 4 times a year for anyone who wants to set up a restaurant, café or a bar for a day wherever they want it to be. KIMPOP was sitting in Vanha Kirkko Puisto_old church […]


Forest_ birch ply wood, approximately 500x370x280mm, 2014 Small tray-size foldable tables are created with an instruction in order to help customers participate to make one for themselves in their community and use it for a community gathering. The design of the table is motivated by the […]